TruMed Integrative Medicine Clinic we offer Intravenous Vitamin C treatments for Cancer treatment. Our Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Muradov, is trained in Advanced Naturopathic IV therapies.

We offer many IV Vitamin Therapies at our Integrative Medicine Clinic. A common IV we use is IV glutathione injections for skin health and neurological health: MS and Parkinson s.

The original Vitamin IV Therapy that started it all! The Myers Cocktail - great for boosting energy and so much more. At TruMed our Naturopaths have administered thousands of IV Myers Cocktails in Edmonton we even have our own formula - the advanced myers

TruMed offers Edmonton IV NAD Therapy for fatigue, longevity and withdrawal (drug & alcohol). We've seen impressive results with NAD IV injections in our Edmonton patients with many of our patients benefiting before they even leave the office,

Our Naturopaths offer Edmonton an Immune Boosting IV Therapy treatment at our IV Clinic- Vitamin C is given for an immune boost & anti-viral effect. Zinc is added with a push of HCL - Our Naturopaths' secret immune booster that wakes up your immune system

TruMed offers Edmonton Banana Bag IV Therapy treatments for dehydration. We offer a custom Banana bag blend of thiamine, folic acid, magnesium and a multivitamin formulation normal saline for maximum rehydration for athletes, patients and partyers alike

Our Migraine IV can be used for both migraine prevention and treatment. If you feel a migraine coming on you can book and this IV Therapy can stop a migraine before it gets out of control! Otherwise regular treatment can reduce their frequency & severity

TruMed Naturopath Clinic offers Edmonton Recovery IV Therapy treatments for Injuries and Pre & Post Op care. A blend of Vitamin C, Zinc, Amino acids and Anti-inflammatories are used to boost immunity and provide raw nutrients for healing.

At TruMed we offer Edmonton a range of IV Therapies including Lyme Disease treatments. These IVs do not treat the underlying infections. They help with healing previous neurological damage - Glutathione, Lipoic Acid and Phospholips are key ingredients

Feeling tired? It could be your adrenals! Our Edmonton clinic does great adrenal testing and treatment. We can use IV Therapy to hasten recovery in Adrenal Fatigue. Our Adrenal IV Therapy combines B5, Vitamin C and Licorice for a great energy boost!

This is a supercharged version of the Myers cocktail IV to intensify the effects on your energy! This IV Therapy has extra B12, Magnesium and B1 to give a long lasting boost in energy. Just let our Naturopaths know you want IV therapy for energy (NRG!)

TruMed knows Fertility. We offer Edmonton a range of Fertility testing and treatments including Fertility IV Therapy. Men and women get IV Glutathione Therapy included in the treatment, We emphasize Zinc in male Fertility and Iodine in female Fertility.

Our Naturopaths offer Plaquex IV Therapy. It's an awesome treatment that is helpful for Cardiovascular disease, Lyme Disease and to improve Kidney, Liver & Cognitive Function. IV Plaquex can also improve skin appearance! It's often given with Glutathione.

At TruMed our Naturopaths offer numerous treatments for Inflammatory Bowel Disease including IV Therapy for both Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis. You can replete key nutrients that are often low in IBD for RAPID improvements in energy, mood and focus

We do offer hangover IVs for our Edmonton clients. We have custom rehydration formulas to replete key nutrients lost from your night of fun with a focus on B1, B3 and Vitamin C and fluids. If you're still hung over from the weekend give our clinic a call.

At TruMed our Naturopathic Doctors love treating mood issues like anxiety and depression naturally with IV Therapy because you can get amazing and rapid results by improving brain levels of key nutrients like MTHF, Magnesium, B12 and amino acids.

Although our Naturopaths don't offer a lot of cosmetic treatmentd we do give IV Glutathione for skin health. Our Skin IV therapy treatments are helpful for skin brightening and lightening and also contain a good dose of IV VItamin C as part of the IV.