Low energy and fatigue is the most common concern seen at our Edmonton Naturopath Clinic. We look at all possible areas to find out precisely why your energy is low.

Our Naturopath clinic uses advanced sensitivity testing to understand what precisely is happening when you consume foods. Just a small sample is needed to test reactivity for up to 200 foods.

Dr. Muradov, our clinic Naturopath uses Blood, Salivary and Urinary hormone testing to pinpoint exactly where your body needs support.

We offer Edmonton a full range of IV therapy. Most commonly our IVs are used for improving energy & mood, cancer and skin health.

Our Naturopath clinic uses advanced testing to understand what precisely is happening with your digestion 

Dr. Deol has a special focus in Fertility. We can support you at any stage of your fertility journey: preconception, pre/post IVF & IUI with herbs, vitamins and acupuncture.

We often use our cutting-edge food allergy testing techniques to find out if foods are affecting your skin health. Our clinic also offers various naturopathic treatments to improve your skin health

We offer leading edge naturopathic cancer treatments such as IV Vitamin C, IV Curcumin and Artemesinin.

Our Naturopathic Clinic is located in West Edmonton. TruMed is overseen by Dr. Eric Muradov ND, a Naturopathic Doctor. Our clinic focuses on functional medicine, hormones, IV therapy and Cancer.